With a new baby in tow, new parents are often inundated with gifts which they sometimes end up not using. Although we all want to protect our precious baby’s bottom, do we really need a wipes warmer? 

Here’s our list of gifts that new parents will actually find helpful. 


Although the newborn startle reflex passes naturally after a few weeks, it can disrupt even the very short sleep that newborns get. Swaddling can help eliminate or at least reduce this reflex by cocooning the baby for them to feel safe and snug.

Baby monitors

Whether you opt for a full colour video and audio monitor, or stick with the old fashioned walkie talkie type, baby monitors can help put new parents’ minds at ease. Check the room temperature, and swivel the camera around to make sure your baby is safe and sound.

Play mats

The perfect place to stretch out those muscles, and practise rolling and hand eye coordination, new parents can never have ‘too many’ play mats. Once you have one in almost every room of the house, any spares can go to the in-laws!

Digital photo frame

You never really realise how quickly time flies until you’ve had children. And the first years are the fastest - there are new milestones almost every week. A digital photo frame is the perfect way to keep up with a growing family by keeping photos recent and up to date.

Baby journal

Help new parents take note and remember those first milestones with a baby journal. Whether it’s writing about their first night in their own room, or photos of their first steps, this is a gift that can be enjoyed not only by parents, but also by the children when they’re older and able to look back and read about their special milestones.

Personalised blanket

Whether the newest addition is born in the winter or summer, newborns use and need blankets. And what better way to commemorate a special date than to have a baby’s initials and birth date printed on a personalised blanket. It’s also a great way to see how quickly they’ve grown and when it becomes too small, they can use it for their dolls!