At a little over 3 months old, my daughter was doing long stretches of sleep at night so we decided to move her in to her own bedroom across the hall from us. But I quickly reaslised that she was the only one to be getting the proper sleep we all craved and needed.

My husband and I were taking it in turns to worry about whether or not she was still on her back, if she was too hot, if she was too cold, and a hundred other questions that new parents have after the arrival of their first born child.

Helpful features

One of my favourite features on our baby monitor is the room temperature display. At the heat of summer, we’re quick to turn on our air conditioning but after checking the monitor I realised it was making my daughter’s room too cold for a young baby. So it was windows open and fan on for her. Before we got the monitor I was in and out of her room every hour checking what the temperature was. But since getting the baby monitor, all it takes is a quick glance on the screen to make sure it’s not above or below the recommended temperature. And the great part is that she stays sound asleep.

Another great feature is being able to quickly check around the room. Living with a dog means keeping your eyes peeled at all times. When my daughter was a few months old we’d often find our labrador, Batman, sleeping under her crib and since he likes to move about, shake, scratch and even snore in his sleep, it was disturbing our daughter. This meant a quick scan of her bedroom every night to make sure he wasn’t in there. Now, since getting the baby monitor, a quick glance using the rotation of the camera means we have a clear view within seconds, of every corner of her room.

Do not disturb

This was a hard lesson to learn as a new parent, but it was and remains to be essential in ensuring our baby gets the sleep she needs. Rather than step in to her room at every peep and squeak, I now use the baby monitor to get a quick glance around her room and check that everything is okay. With the zoom in feature I’m even able to see up close at whether or not she has a dummy at arms reach.

It’s always good to physically go and have a quick check around the room if you suspect anything at all, but one of the biggest gifts my baby monitor has given me is being able to get a quick glance at what’s going on in my child’s room without stepping in there and disturbing her sleep.